• Photo: Qatar Airways Cargo


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Another digital step for Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo is partnering with Inomad, an air cargo platform based in Seoul. This cooperation aims to increase connectivity for Woojung Air, one of the airline’s major South Korean customers. It will also help Qatar Airways Cargo to enlarge its footprint in the country as SMEs operating with this consolidator will be able to compare the carrier’s offerings on the Inomad portal.


Inomad CEO Joon-suk Yim (right, with Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo at Qatar Airways): "We aim to become a search engine for the air logistics field in which clients can check the information they need in real-time, regardless of time and place. We thus plan to do our best to nourish our customised services to build a stronger partnership, cherishing the meaningful opportunity to join Qatar Airways Cargos' digital transformation." (ah)




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