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Another service calling Le Havre

The Marseille-headquartered carrier CMA CGM will again include Le Havre, part of the Haropa association, as a port of call in its FAL 1 service. The rotation of the FAL1 line (French Asia Line) is thus revised.


This decision to call at Le Havre next December, taken within the framework of the Ocean Alliance (CMA CGM, Evergreen, Cosco and OOCL), allows the group's largest vessels, including the LNG-powered flagship CMA CGM "Jacques Saadé", to make their first import stop in Le Havre from Asia.


Laurent Foloppe, Haropa sales and marketing director, said that “this new weekly stopover is part of the context of an upturn in traffic." The CMA CGM Group is a long-standing partner of Haropa with around twenty regular services and more than 1,200 stopovers per year. (cd)




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