• Photo: Lodz airport


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Antonov Airlines still performing worldwide

Tomorrow, 24 February 2024, marks the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although the Eastern European country is considering a resumption of civil air traffic, its realisation is still far from being on the agenda.


Meanwhile, Antonov Airlines continues to be heavily involved in major projects outside its home country. For example, a month ago, on 22 January, one of its An-124s was a guest at the airport in Lodz, Poland (photo). It is the world's largest transport aircraft since the An-225 was destroyed in the early days of the war.


And, only recently, Geodis completed a complex air cargo transport of oversized thermo-compressors with an An-124. Arriving from Lisbon, it undertook 13 flights over seven days, transporting the urgently needed huge load to Colombia. (ah)




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