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APMT with 3% growth in volume throughput

In 2013, APM Terminals' container throughput increased to 36.3 million teu, as measured by equity share, reflecting an overall 3% growth in volume through APM Terminals' global terminal network. Invested capital rose to USD 6.1 billion in 2013 as work on seven new terminals and expansion and upgrades to 16 operating facilities continued. The return on invested capital amounted to 13.5%.


Major portfolio activities for APMT in 2013 included the opening of the Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) at the port of Santos (Brazil), the busiest container port in South America. BTP, which is 50% owned by APM Terminals, sports a 1.2 million teu annual throughput capacity.


On top of that came the acquisition of the Russian terminal operator NCC Group Ltd by Global Ports Investments PLC, in which APM Terminals has a 30.75% co-controlling share. Global Ports’ five Russian terminals now represent a combined 3.6 million teu of annual capacity, and approximately 40% of Russia's total container throughput.