• Photo: Avontuur’s 12th voyage

12.09.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

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Atlantic eco voyage

The ‘Avontuur’, a cargo sailing ship of ‘Timbercoast cargo under sail’, is setting sail on its twelfth Atlantic voyage, providing an eco-friendly solution for transporting goods across the sea.


A diverse crew of fifteen individuals from various countries will spend months together aboard this century-old schooner, fostering teamwork and camaraderie. Their journey involves a range of unique cargo, from Colombian coffee to facilitating a Caribbean relocation and eco-transporting art to New York.


Departing from Hamburg-Harburg after undergoing extensive maintenance, the ‘Avontuur’ will serve as an example of the value of wind power in an industry traditionally reliant on fossil fuels, Timbercoast says. (pb)




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