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Be aware in Rotterdam

Slightly more seagoing vessels entered Rotterdam in 2022 than in 2021 (29,029 versus 28,876), but fewer inland vessels (97,459 versus 98,469 in 2021). In the port, overall safety has increased, with the number of accidents in port operations dropping from 141 in 2021 to 137 in 2022.


The harbourmaster self-rated its operations this year at 6.39 out of 10 (nautical safety index). The camera surveillance network in the port and industrial area used by the seaport police, customs and the port authority will soon be expanded from 220 to 280 cameras.


In 2023, an investigation will also be conducted to expand the generator ban for idle barges. Currently, generators are already banned within the city, and the generator ban could be extended to the other port areas. At present, only very few ships use the 32 shore power stations with 116 connections that are now available in the areas without generator bans. (sh)




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