• From left to right: Berend Pruin – senior consultant, Zhun Bei – managing director of Maritime Risk Manage, Hans-Juergen Voigt – managing director of Technolog, Kwong Kin – companies secretary – Excellent Honour Corporate Service Ltd.


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Beneficial liaison for Chinese market

A joint venture has been established between Maritime Risk Manage Co and Technolog. The new alliance, which is called Technolog-MRM (China) Marine Services, will concentrate on providing support for the introduction of LNG for energy efficient and environmental friendly ship propulsion systems.


Technolog-MRM (China) Marine Services will establish the capacity for providing the full package of ship advisory services to fulfil local needs.


Hamburg (Germany)-based Technolog is renowned in the shipbuilding industry for the design of, and consultancy services for high-tech vessels in Germany and Europe. The joint venture will focus on marketing its various new ship designs, engineering and consultancy services, with the assistance of MRM’s connection to the Chinese market.




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