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Bergé Gefco aims at 20% reduction of CO2 emissions

The logistics services provider Bergé Gefco was honoured by the Spanish industry association AECOC for its efforts to cut back CO2 emissions. In particular, the company wants to focus on reducing its carbon footprint by 20% over the next five years.


Bergé Gefco is planning various measures to achieve this aim. For example, the company will renew its truck fleet by purchasing new vehicles, some of which will be powered by LNG. This should bring down fuel consumption by 6%. Furthermore, Bergé Gefco intends to optimise the routes taken by its trucks and put more emphasis on intermodal solutions.


The company wants to increase the number of rail wagons by 50%, thus saving 92 million t of CO2 per year. In its logistics hubs, Bergé Gefco wants to decrease the number of journeys, optimise processes and use LED lighting in all its facilities. This should reduce fuel consumption by 8,400 litres per year and lower electricity consumption by 33%. (mw)




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