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Bleak year ahead for carriers says Drewry

Drewry’s 2Q14 Container Forecaster highlights that there is a widening gap between the positive financials of the few carriers really focused on cutting costs and the rest of the top 20 lines, as they battle with the pressure of falling freight rates.


Drewry forecasts that once again, average freight rates will be lower than in the previous year. The analyst estimates that on the headhaul transpacific trade alone, carriers have given away in the region of USD 1.25 billion in annual revenue via the lower annual contracts they signed with beneficial cargo owner clients in May. They also closed new annual contracts on the Asia-Europe trade earlier in the year at levels of around USD 150- USD 200 per 40ft container lower than in 2013.


On the positive side, those carriers may have secured base cargoes to fill their ships at a low price. But this puts more pressure on the shipping lines to try and recover revenue from the spot market. Drewry believes that volatility in the spot market will remain high this year.



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