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Blimps are back above Paris

Paris-based Hybrid Air Freighters (HAF), established to act as an owner-operator of the Lockheed Martin hybrid airships, has signed a letter of intent to purchase up to twelve Lockheed Martin hybrid airships, worth around USD 500 million.


HAF is working with Hybrid Enterprises, the exclusive reseller of Lockheed Martin's hybrid airships (aka blimps), to finalize the purchase agreement.


"The LMH-1 will open a new era for remote cargo delivery," said HAF's CEO Hubert de Contenson, who has a wealth of experience in finance and logistics.


Moreoever, HAF's head of aviation and flight operations, Jean-Paul Troadec, has vast experience in the domains of aircraft operations, safety regulations and relations with the international aviation authorities. (ah)


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