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Bolloré brings highly critical shipment to Mumbai

One of the first few private organisations to be approved by the Indian council of medical research for Covid-19 testing contracted the Bolloré Logistics team in India to ship a consignment of Cryoprecipitate, a frozen blood product prepared from blood plasma, with temperature requirement of -20°C.


The forwarder worked in partnership with an international carrier to transport the RAPt2 Envirotainer unit loaded with cargo and dry ice from London to Mumbai. The pre-cooled unit was handed over to the airline to ship under constant climatic conditions.


Due to last-minute changes in the aircraft, the dry ice permissible limit was reduced to 250 kg, because of which the container was offloaded and had to be kept on hold until the dry ice dissipated from 450 kg to 250 kg. The complete process was managed under high compliance standards. (ah)



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