• The inauguration of the Blue Hub. Photo: Bolloré


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Bolloré Logistics inaugurates Blue Hub in Singapore

Bolloré Logistics has inaugurated the Blue Hub, its next-generation building. Designed to be sustainable and efficient, the Blue Hub is a new building aiming at improving storage flexibility, productivity and efficiency for major customers in the perfumes and cosmetics sector.


The 50,000 sqm Blue Hub excels with its equipment and leading-edge-technology. The site features an automated multi-shuttle system for optimising storage density while ensuring optimal inventory rotation. The Blue Hub is also home for the second innovation centre B.Lab, which serves as a regional platform fostering collaborative work between sector stakeholders.


The approach enables Bolloré Logistics to co-innovate with its customers and partners through various projects, particularly around robotics but also on digital and sustainable technologies. These projects will allow the company to launch value-creating solutions for its customers. (mw)




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