• Photo: Champ Cargosystems


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Brand refreshed by Champ Cargosystems

Champ Cargosystems has unveiled its new corporate brand. Like the air cargo industry, Champ has evolved over the last 17 years and established itself as a provider for all stakeholders, forwarders, GHAs, GSAs and carriers.


Champ Cargosystems CEO Chris McDermott says that “we’ve built on Champ’s strong brand foundation and kept the overall shape of our logo – the soft-cornered square. The new logo introduces a blue arrow pointing skywards, which resembles growth and new horizons to be explored. Our new motto – ‘Air Cargo Reimagined - Open, Collaborative, Innovative’ – is a call to arms to evolve our industry to be simpler, more efficient and more transparent, ready to embrace tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.” (cj)




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