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Breakbulk comes back to Antwerp

After the strong dip in 2020, the Port of Antwerp saw its breakbulk volumes return in full force in 2021. This upward trend is driven mainly by a leap in steel import volumes and a rise in project cargo shipments for ongoing renewable energy projects and the construction of chemical plants.


In 2021, breakbulk volumes in Antwerp reached 1 million t per month, totalling 11.5 million t for the whole year. This marks no less than a 74% rise in figures compared to 2020, surpassing the previous record growth of 2012.


The Port of Antwerp's special focus and tradition in the breakbulk sector was thus confirmed. The EU's plan to achieve carbon neutrality is encouraging Europe's private and public sector to invest in the refurbishment of plants and renewable energy.


Currently, terminal operator PSA Breakbulk is planning to invest EUR 11 million in a new heavy cargo terminal along the Churchill dock, while packing specialist Deufol is extending its warehousing capacity. (sh)




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