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Bremen's ports under pressure

Bremen and Bremerhaven handled 66.5 million t of goods on the seaward side in 2020, 4.2% down from 2019. With 10.4 million t (-14.3%), Bremen-Stadt lost significantly more than Bremerhaven with 56.1 million t (-2.1%).


With a 5% decrease and a total volume of 8.6 million t, bulk cargo throughput also suffered in 2020. The "non-containerised general cargo" segment was particularly affected, with a total throughput of 6.8 million t, 20% below the 2019 level.


The effects of the lockdown in spring 2020 also left their mark on automobile handling. The ports generated a throughput of 1.7 million vehicles (-20%) in 2020.


Container volumes, on the other hand, remained stable at 51.1 million t and a 1.4% drop to 4.8 million teu. Almost 2.1 million teu were shipped on to the German and European hinterland. 48.6% were transported by truck (1 million teu), 48.2% by rail (990,000 teu) and 3.2% by inland waterway vessel (65,000 teu). (cd)




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