• Photo: The Cooperative Logistics Network

29.05.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Building logistics partnerships in Bali

230 players in the forwarding and logistics industries came together at the Cooperative Logistics Network (Coop)’s 7th annual meeting, which was held in Bali from 23 to 25 May this year. The event was designed to enable networking and exchanges between logistics providers from 60 different countries. Thanks to one-to-one meetings, participants could connect and showcase their current projects.


New innovations were also unveiled at the meeting; the Coop launched its new web app and redesigned website and announced partnerships with other industry players. Workshops were also held, where members were briefed on updates to the network's transport management system.


The Coop has been hosting this event close to Asian or Middle Eastern markets since 2015, switching to virtual meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic. (mk)




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