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Bye bye, Bei Bei!

Today, 19 November 2019, Fedex "Panda Express" will fly again, for the 8th time. This time the specially decaled B777F will carry Bei Bei, a four-year-old giant panda, 13,700 km from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington DC (USA) to Chengdu, China.


Bei Bei was born at the National Zoo, and like his sister Bao Bao in 2017, he is moving to China to help keeping the giant panda population genetically diverse. Fedex is donating transportation services as part of its Fedex Cares "delivering for good" initiative.


This dedicated special flight of the B777F can make the 16-hour journey from DC to China non-stop. The only cargo on board will be Bei Bei and his favourite treats: 30 kg of bamboo, 0.9 kg of apples and pears, two bags of leaf-eater biscuits, 0.9 kg of cooked sweet potatoes and lots of water. (ah)





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