• Photo: Birsterminal AG


Artikel Nummer: 34925

Camaro VII arrives at Birsfelden

Swiss terminal operator Birsterminal and its partner, the Dutch carrier Dubbelman Container Transporten, recently celebrated the first visit of the inland barge "Camaro VII" to the port at the end of the navigable stretch of the Rhine.


With a length of 135 m and a width of 11.40 m, the vessel has, inter alia, 53 reefer plugs and a capacity of 268 teu. The ship can travel with a maximum tonnage of 3,030 t, spread over four levels.


The unit complements the fleet of the Tango Shipping Line, which provides scheduled services between Basel/Birsfelden and Antwerp/Rotterdam.


Thanks to a modern ballast system and a maximal draught of only 3 m, the "Camaro VII" is well-suited for both high and low water levels. (cd)




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