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Cameras on the terminal

Duisport is taking the next step in terms of digitisation. While the Port of Duisburg already uses "optical character recognition" (OCR) gates for cargo transported by truck or train, there is now a new solution for handling river-borne containers.


Together with its technology partner Vitronic, a company specialising in industrial image processing, Duisport developed the "Rivergate" system in 15 months on the basis of high-resolution 12K cameras.


“Rivergate” was tested on two cranes - in the Duisburg Trimodal Terminal (D3T) at Logport I in Duisburg-Rheinhausen - and on a crane at the GWW terminal at Logport II in Duisburg-Hochfeld.


With this pilot project, it was possible to digitally record the ID of the container during the loading and unloading of an inland vessel in just a few seconds and with a recognition rate of almost 100% and to compare it with the loading list. At the same time, the system can check whether the customs seal is intact and examine the container for damages. (sh)




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