• Left: Cargo miles. Right: Number of vessels. (Image: Vessels Value).


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Car carriers set a trend

Investments in vehicle carrier newbuilds have risen in recent weeks, according to the intelligence provider Vessels Value (VV). VV's head of vehicle carriers Dan Nash said that in the course of the year, so far, "a total of USD 4.4 billion, including options, have been agreed."


The wind in the sails is due to the surge in second-hand sales, a short supply of tonnage, increasing global demand for battery electric vehicles - and a rapid steel price inflation.


Nash: "All 40 vehicle carriers confirmed this year (56 including options) are dual-fuel LNG powered, forming a premier PCTC/LCTC asset class for an electrified car market."


Purchase prices for new and used vehicle carriers have risen significantly. The gap between supply and demand is supposed to widen in 2022, says VV. (cd)




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