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CCS-UK trials e-collection note

Designed by CCS-UK as the latest enhancement to its ‘Advance Information System’ (AIS), the “e-collection note” replaces the traditional paper version which has been in use for decades. Not only are current processes time-consuming, but there can be a risk of fraudulent activity.


The forwarder downloads the new electronic version as a QR code, directly to the driver’s pre-registered smartphone. This is scanned when the driver arrives at the handling agent to collect the cargo, which initiates a check against the shipment collection advice along with a validation of driver and vehicle details.


By pre-allocating truck door slots, handlers can reduce truck queues and waiting times during peak periods. Logistics service provider Geodis and cargo handler Dnata are currently trialling the new system at London Heathrow. AIS is free to all registered CCS-UK users. (cj)




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