• Praising the unknown logistician: Aurelio Martínez.


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CEO addresses Valencia's port community

Extraordinary times also call for extraordinary words. One example is Aurelio Martínez Estévez, CEO of Valencia port, who addressed all collaborators in a letter under the headline: "Thank you and congratulations for making easy what is not easy."


Martínez made it clear that his thanks went to "all the people who make possible the reception and transfer of merchandise and goods to the consumption centres, stevedores, truckers, pilots, mooring lines, tugs, port police, maintenance, shipping companies, freight forwarders and customs agents, border inspection services, APV personnel, etc., to all those who are standing shoulder to shoulder and working so hard for the community."


The CEO also mentioned the "drastic change in the perception of other activities: the staff who work in the food stands, security forces, army, cleaning staff, logistics," saying that the respect for those who are often ignored, undervalued or criticised is now rising.


A major issue for Martínez, who represents the port authority of Valencia, was to emphasise the significance of the ports: "70% of what Spain does not produce and has to import goes through the ports. Our ports are the entry and exit door of most of our trade. These days we observe the critical role that they play in guaranteeing the essential products to supply our markets or to take these supplies to the island communities." In his eyes, the entire port community deserves praise for the extraordinary job it is doing under precarious circumstances. (mw)




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