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Ceva and Tower launching new solution for pharmaceutical market

The logistics and SCM specialist Ceva Logistics and the company Tower Cold Chain Solutions are launching KryoTrans KTM (Kryo Trans Modular) modular pallet shipper, a new solution for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products in a secure environment at a consistent temperature. The KTM solution represents the combination of Ceva's experience in delivering pharmaceutical compliance to the market and Tower's cold chain packaging capabilities. The modular container is designed to provide a secure and flexible means of transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical products such as vaccines. The new box can be used at -20°C, +2°-8°C and +15°-25°C using phase-change materials and at temperatures from -20° to -60°C using dry ice. The containers are capable of maintaining the temperature for up to six days; critical when shipping temperature sensitive life saving drugs around the world.



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