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Challenging year for Röhlig

Owner-managed logistics company Röhlig continues to expand its worldwide presence. Philip W. Herwig, managing partner at Röhlig Logistics, explains: “We continued to build up our network in 2019 and were able to record encouraging growth in Asia, India and Latin America. But the many international conflicts, the trade dispute between the USA and China - two of our most important markets - social unrest in Latin America, strikes in France and of course Brexit - made it difficult for us to implement our growth plans for 2019."


In 2019, the gross profit generated was roughly the same as the previous year's level at EUR 141 million. Business in Asia continued to develop very positively with a good 10% increase in gross profit.


In contract logistics, Röhlig raised its gross profit by 38.9%. Compared to 2018, gross profit in ocean freight fell by 2.1% and by 6.8% in air freight. The operating result (ebit) was EUR 5.2 million, due to a significant economic downturn in the global business environment. (mw)




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