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Changing trends in cargo theft

In its joint report on global cargo theft trends in 2021, the TT Club concludes that there has been a shift in emphasis from risk of in-transit, vehicle-based attacks to losses while cargo is at rest. 


Especially storage locations are critical at-risk areas, as incidents there rose to nearly 30% of the total. Dwell and idle times in European locations also augmented the risk of theft and stowaway.


The annual report was compiled by TT Club, BSI and - for the first time - by input from the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (Tapa) Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region.


Mike Yarwood, managing director, loss prevention at TT Club, commented: “Criminals are quick to adapt to prevailing conditions and have swiftly responded to the increased opportunities that supply chain congestion presents through the amount of cargo laying idle.” (sh)




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