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Chipolbrok sailing new waters

During the corona pandemic, the operation of the 20 employed (fourteen own plus six chartered units) Chipolbrok vessels became much more demanding and challenging. Yet, there are also new opportunities.


A special task was given to the last vessel put into service: “Pacific-type” 2016 built M/V “Paderewski”. After completing her import voyage 17 to Baltimore, MD, she was scheduled to Brownsville, TX, USA. The vessel arrived at its destination on 30 December to load sole bulk cargo of 30,000 t +/-10% (in owners option) sorghum destined for China.


During the sea passage from the US East Coast to the US Gulf , the master Bogusław Jezierski and his crew made an intensified effort to prepare the vessel`s holds by very careful cleaning to meet grain standards. After passing NCB and USDA inspections, the M/v “Paderewski” became the first vessel in Chipolbrok‘s recent history to be successfully deployed for grain shipment.


In a press release, Chipolbrok commented that this "is a promising sign as to our diversification of global activities and underlines the company`s flexibility to adopt to new challenging market needs as well as clearly showing the company`s outside-the-box thinking approach." (cd)




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