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03.10.2022 By: Christian Doepgen

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Sisa celebrates 50 years of development in Basel. At its ‘Evolution Day 2022’ Sisa proved that the future develops from the origins. The spectrum ranged from Generation Z, to A, for record-breaking alpinist Dani Arnold.

Half a century is a long time. For the software company Sisa, which started out in Ticino as Studio Computer in 1972, and is now part of Wisetech Global, a new future opened up from 2020 onwards.

At its ‘Evolution Day’ on 22 September 2022, the Sisa team in Basel, together with experts, took the pulse of the present, and at the same time celebrated its anniversary in a fitting manner. The author of these lines also got an opportunity to give a laudatory speech.

The Arena Cinemas Basel in the Stücki shopping centre provided a suitable setting for the programme. In addition to a look into the past, which highlighted the high level of continuity of the company’s employees, amongst other things, Martina Vogel from the agency Comm.versa built a bridge to the next Generation Z, whose attitude towards employees will give many a company a nut to crack, as is well known. The clash of generations does seem avoidable, however.

The trends in logistics were presented by GS1’s Jan Eberle, who presented the findings of the ‘Logistics Market Study Switzerland 2022’. Today’s digital ‘intermediaries’ are increasingly determining economic events and start-ups with disruptive potential are striving to enter traditional business fields.

Sisa managing director Roland Schumacher closed the presentations with a retrospective and outlook into his own business field. While customer-specific developments prevailed in a largely national market until 2000, standardisation as well as modular and integrated solutions prevailed from the year 2000 onwards.

From 2010 onwards, external software-as-a-service models (saas) were added, as a part of cloud computing in an increasingly internationalised logistics sector. In his outlook for the next decade, Schumacher assumes that browser-based, faster global solutions will prevail in the future and that data growth and penetration will know hardly any limits. With its Cargowise product, Sisa sees itself well equipped for this.

That there need be no panic or imbalance in any situation was summed up by star guest Dani Arnold. Can you handle a video of the extreme mountaineer’s ascent of the north face of the Matterhorn in 1 hour and 46 minutes? Then nothing can frighten you!


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