• The port of Karachi. Photo: Wikipedia


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Circle helps to upgrade ports in Pakistan

Circle, the Italian developer and provider of automation and digitalisation solutions for port operators and intermodal logistics, will contribute almost EUR 40,000 to the Pakistan trade facilitation project designed by the World Bank.


With the support of the World Bank, the government of Pakistan has commissioned an analysis of the implementation of a port community system (PCS) aimed at providing a digital platform to allow a more rapid, secure and efficient exchange of information between the various involved subjects.


The role of Circle, as subcontractor of the Belgian company Port Expertise, is to perform a comparative analysis of the PCS and of the existing digital port platforms in India and South Korea, assessing functionalities, features, port services and benefits for territories and stakeholders and drafting a high level budget to identify the fundamental values that will be used as benchmarks for the World Bank project. (mw)


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