• Willem van der Schalk. Photo: Clecat


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Clecat elects Willem van der Schalk as new president

The general assembly of Clecat (European association for forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services) unanimously elected Willem van der Schalk (DSLV) as its new president, replacing Steve Parker (Bifa), who had been at the helm of Clecat since December 2015.


As CEO of Hamburg (Germany)-based freight forwarding company a.hartrodt, van der Schalk has gained wide expertise in the freight forwarding business for many years. He is also well experienced in the management of associations on many levels as former vice-president of the German federal association for freight forwarding and logistics DSLV. Van der Schalk is also president of the Hamburg freight forwarders' association.


Van der Schalk said: ‘Many challenges still lie ahead of us to keep international trade moving. We are pleased to see the recognition of commission president von der Leyen, noting that the free circulation of goods is crucial to maintaining availability of goods." (mw)




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