• (f.l.t.r.) R. Harrison, J. Gemels, J. Vandermeiren, W. Demeyer, L. Arnouts, E.-L. Bertrand, P. Beaujean (Port autonome de Liège).


Artikel Nummer: 37187

Closer ties between Antwerp and Liège

The ports of Antwerp and Liège have just inked a new cooperation agreement. The increased collaboration aims to strengthen the ports' portfolio of river and rail transport services on the important axis of the Albert Canal connecting Antwerp and Liège.


The ports will cooperate in the digitalisation of data relating to the flow of goods and modes of transport to increase the shift of goods flows from the roads to alternative modes of transport. They will join forces to promote and develop river and rail transport within the logistics chain and support the container terminals located along the Albert Canal as a consolidation point for shippers and carriers.


The ports will also work together to develop a common vision for future port traffic in accordance with European recommendations.


The agreement between the ports covers a period of three years (2021-2024). Improving the links with its hinterland and the logistics hub in Liège is considered to be essential for the success of the Port of Antwerp. (cd)




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