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Companies gain funding for quiet trains

Middle-sized companies often do not have access to funding programmes to refurbish their fleets with low-noise brake blocks. The European rail service offered by the Verband Hamburger Güterwagenhalter in Germany (Hamburg’s association of freight wagon owners, VPI) has now acted as a consortium leader for the first time and obtained EUR 2.5 million for eight companies at its first attempt.


The funding is supplied from the EU programme to support the refurbishment of freight wagons. Acting on their own, smaller freight wagon owners would have stood little chance.


The companies that are part of the consortium will now receive between EUR 250 and EUR 600 per wagon for a total amount of around 8,000 wagons. These companies are: Aretz, CFL Cargo, European Rail Rent, Mosolf Automotiv Railway, OnRail, ORV, Tyczka Gase and VTG Rail Europe. (ben)




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