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Corona virus may trap containers in ports

“The recent position of the Chinese government and provinces to extend the Chinese New Year and impose new restrictions on the movement of people in China has a significant downstream effect on the movement of goods, which raises issues for international freight forwarders especially in terms of the measures which may be adopted by shipping lines as to their position on container demurrage or detention charges,” said Stephane Graber, Fiata’s director general.


It is in the sea freight environment that Fiata has significant concerns as to how shipping lines will react to containers being “captured” in ports or freight depots particularly in China.


Graber stated that ”the China event should not be seen as an opportunity for shipping lines to make windfall profits to offset other expenses of operation. This is a time for these entities to exercise corporate responsibility that meets community expectations in such difficult circumstances. Fiata, its members and the trading community at large will watch with interest as to how this responsibility is exercised.” (mw)




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