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Craiss increases capacities

The German transport company Albert Craiss is taking precautions to counteract supply bottlenecks that may be caused by the corona crisis: besides extra trips to help deliver supplies to a retail chain in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the logistics services provider has substantially increased the transport of bottles of disinfectant.


"With every additional roundtrip we can support the retail trade and delay the inevitable introduction of short-time work for our employees," says Michael Craiss, managing director Albert Craiss. There has been a marked increase in demand for hygiene products.


Instead of the usual four complete loads of dispensers for disinfectants per week there are now 25. The food industry, which is not Craiss' traditional domain, has also been able to rely on the company's support.


"Since freight traffic is not affected by frontier closures, land-based or air deliveries continue to most countries. "As it is a risk area, we are currently not travelling to Italy, for our drivers' sake," says Craiss. (mw)




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