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Crowley arrives in Africa

Crowley Maritime Corp and IbisTek LLC have formed a joint venture called IbisTek Crowley to provide a comprehensive package of project logistics, energy support services and emergency response capabilities in Ghana. The partnership, which meets the local standards required to be considered an "indigenous Ghanaian company", leverages Crowley's worldwide logistics footprint and project expertise and Ghana-based IbisTek's existing relationships and customer base in the region.


The IbisTek Crowley office maximizes local participation in the oil and gas support sector through the staffing of Ghanaian national employees who will work closely with Crowley's US counterparts to ensure that the company's culture and its values – which include safety, integrity and high performance – are fully adopted. This specialized team will be closely linked with Crowley's existing Houston TX (USA)-based warehouse and distribution centre, which also provides international project logistics and global freight management services.


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