• Photo: DB Schenker


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DB Schenker implements driverless forklift truck

DB Schenker has put an autonomous forklift truck into regular operation, following the successful completion of a pilot project. The transport system of the Austrian supplier Agilox transports empty containers over a distance of around 150 m at the Eching site near Munich (Germany).


The work is done completely without the intervention of a warehouse employee. Previously, this operation was carried out with conventional forklift trucks.


The Agilox is equipped with a height-adjustable fork that can be used to lift and lower containers. It is therefore not necessary for the warehouse staff to place the containers manually on the AGV (automated guided vehicle).


The Agilox can also record a surrounding map for navigation within the site in a very short time so that the AGV can be ready for use just a few days after delivery. (mw)




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