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DCSA setting new standards

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) recently published its communication systems and application programming (API) standards for the 50 event records in ports defined in its data list. These refer to the six main aspects of a call, namely planning arrival at a port, planning the boarding of the the pilot, arrival at the pier and docking, start of cargo and service operations, planning of services, and finally, departure from the port.


These communication standards between systems allow operators, ports, terminals and other service providers involved in a call to exchange data in a uniform and automated way. The standardised system for just-in-time calls enables digital scale planning, greater operational efficiency and the optimisation of resources.


The system will allow containerships to optimise their sailing speeds, which will reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. To ensure an international framework that protects investments, DCSA has collaborated with the ‘Port Call Optimisation’ international task force and with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to align port-call data definitions with existing standards. These standards are currently being tested in various ports around the world. (sh)


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