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Delays in fashion logistics

The rapid spread of the coronavirus is already having an impact on the German fashion industry. Setlog, a company that specialises in supply chain management software, has calculated that deliveries of goods from Asia are delayed by an average 20 days. And the peak of the crisis has not yet been reached.


For the summer months, Setlog forecasts delays of up to 50 days in some cases. As things stand at the moment, companies that receive their goods or raw materials primarily from China will be facing a particularly challenging situation as from July. In some Chinese ports the virus has led to a lack of workers and drivers so that containers pile up and cannot be transported into the interior of the country.


Therefore, raw materials and finished products cannot be despatched to other production sites in Asia or to Europe. Setlog is also observing delays in production orders in southeast Europe. Some suppliers from Turkey, Romania and Italy report that production takes longer than originally planned. (mw)


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