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Double-track links Volgograd and South-Ports

Traffic recently began running on the new second track of the 5.4 km stretch between the Maxim Gorky Station and Gornoplolyansky Station in the Volgograd region in Russia.


The construction work was carried out as part of a comprehensive project to upgrade the section between Maxim Gorky Station – Kotelnikovo – Tikhoretskaya – Krymskaya with a bypass at the Krasnodar hub.


The second track was built to increase the throughput and carrying capacity of the infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin, Russian Railways (RZD) said.


With the second track, it will be possible to increase throughput on the section to 64 trains per day. In the course of the construction work, inter alia, a contact network was installed, and power supply, communications and train traffic control systems were updated. (ben)




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