• Photo: Toon Pauwels (left) and Jens Langer (right) at Germersheim's terminal


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DP World Inland restructures

DP World Inland has named Jens Langer (right) as new CEO for DP Germany and Toon Pauwels (left) as COO inland & intermodal. Instead of having only one successor to Dr. Martin Neese, the former DP World Inland CEO, the company has opted for a dual leadership.


Langer, who joined DP World in 2017, was previously general manager in Stuttgart and Mannheim and co-managing director for the terminals in Mannheim and Stuttgart and the shipping company Ludwig & Jakob Götz. In his new role, he will head the company's organisation in Germany.


Pauwels will oversee the company’s connections between the terminal's activities in Europe and Europe's seaports. He has 16 years of experience within DP World in Antwerp, and was also director of the Logistics Network.


DP World Inland provides intermodal services for conveying import and export goods between Europe's seaports and the continental hinterland. (amh)




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