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Drugstore chain dm relies on Loxxess

The German health and beauty retail chain dm is expanding and increasing its e-commerce services portfolio with the assistance of its partner, the logistics and fulfilment provider Loxxess. The logistics company operates a multi-user-campus that specialises in e-commerce logistics and other services on a site near the frontier in Bor (Czechia). 


Loxxess met the new challenges by combining artificial intelligence, automation and employee integration. The chosen software can improve the efficiency of storage processes by a systematic use of incoming data registered in real time to optimise warehouse topology, itineraries and material flows.


“By deploying artificial intelligence our partner Loxxess was able to further optimise process flows in our online distribution centre and reduce order throughput times. Therefore we can work together to provide even better services for our customers,” says Christian Bodi, head of logistics at dm. (mw)




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