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21.05.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Duisport to digitise forklift operations

Duisport and ForkOn have expanded their partnership to include forklift fleet management following a successful pilot project. ForkOn’s telematics technology will be integrated into 80 forklifts at 13 sites in Duisburg, enhancing the digitalisation of logistics processes. The collaboration supports Duisport's goal to achieve manufacturer independence and seamless technology integration.


ForkOn, initially supported by Duisport’s ‘Startport’ in 2019, has become a pioneer in independent fleet management for forklifts and AGVs.


The partnership simplifies regulatory compliance, training, and daily checks while using sensors to detect damage and ensure safety. This partnership shows how startups can address industry challenges and transition solutions from pilot to regular operations. (pb)




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