• Photo: Susanne Landwehr


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DVF hires new expert

The Deutsches Verkehrsforum (DVF) has named Susanne Landwehr head of European policy, rail technology and rail transport, effective 1 February 2023.


Landwehr will steer the multimodal association’s positioning in these areas, develop strategic recommendations for action in consultation with the members and monitor their implementation by the business community and policy decision-makers. She succeeds Sarah Stark, who is moving to the German Railway Industry Association as chief executive officer.


Landwehr has been the Berlin correspondent for DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung since 2015. Before that, she worked as a freelance journalist in Russia and Turkey, among other places. From there, she reported on logistics, transport, and business issues for various daily and weekly newspapers as well as for radio.


Landwehr studied Slavic languages and business administration at the Freie Universität Berlin before completing her education at the Berlin School of Journalism. (cj)




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