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Ebola aid consolidating at Cologne Bonn airport

An assembly point to consolidate airfreight shipments has been set up at Cologne Bonn airport (Germany) to support humanitarian organisations̕ battle against Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


The provision of resources, services and personnel is being jointly undertaken by the airport and the US integrator UPS and forms an integral part of the support for the humanitarian community’s sectors for planning and supply chain reliabilty, as well as for the transport and optimisation fields.


The logistics cluster, led by the UN’s World Food Programme, simplifies and coordinates the use of the airfreight assembly point. Given their wealth of experience and jointly developed procedures for coping with natural disasters, UPS and the forwarders Maersk and Agility are supporting the logistics cluster. Thanks to this partnership and the experience and expertise of humanitarian organisations, logistics capacities and resources will be boosted to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency aid.




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