• Photo: Port of Stockholm


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Emissionless catamarans in Stockholm

The first two routes of a ground-breaking fast electric ferry, the ‘Beluga24’, have been set in Stockholm. Passengers travelling to and from the communities of Täby and Österåker will be the first to benefit from the vessel's high-speed, emissions-free technology


The vessel “goes easy on the environment and is cost-effective,” according to Fredrik Thornell, CEO of Green City Ferries (GCF). With electric engines powered by batteries (to Täby) or hydrogen (to Österåker), the ferries on each route will produce zero emissions. The vessels are made of light-weight carbon fibre and have a foil-assisted hull, which reduce energy demand by 50% compared to conventional high-speed catamarans.


Production has already begun; the first two ‘Beluga24’ ferries are expected to be delivered in 2023 and begin services in 2024. (sh)


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