• Photo: HGK Shipping

18.04.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 49302

Europe's first ammonia and LCO2 carrier

HGK Shipping is spearheading a project in inland shipping by developing Europe’s first gas tanker designed for transporting cold liquefied ammonia and LCO2.


Named "Pioneer", the vessel will feature new tank and loading system technologies enabling it to carry gases in both cold and pressurised liquefied states. This improves efficiency and reduces the need for complex handling processes in ports.


The vessel is tailored for operations between the ARA ports and the Rhineland hinterland, offering increased capacity over existing gas tank ships.


The initiative is particularly geared towards enhancing the transportation of green hydrogen-derived ammonia and capturing unavoidable carbon dioxide. It supports European decarbonisation efforts and aligns with CCS strategies for carbon capture and storage, HGK Shipping said. (pb)




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