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European funding for Bilbao's power grid

The European Commission has made its choice: Brussels has now selected 135 European initiatives to be given an EU grant under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). One of them is the project for the electrification of the docks of the Port of Bilbao (Bilb OPS).


Forty-five projects with Spanish involvement have been submitted and only seven have passed this first phase, which is now expected to be ratified once all the required administrative procedures have been duly completed.


The connection of vessels to the power grid in the port of Bilbao, a project promoted by the Port Authority itself, has received the support of 36 different organisations. The project requires an investment of EUR 51.8 million and has already received a grant of EUR 4.3 million for the new A5 Dock through the Recovery and Resilience Facility.


The current award would mean a subsidy of 30%, i.e., EUR 14.2 million for the cruise, ferry, and container docks of the port of Bilbao. (sh)




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