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Exploring São Paulo's potential

Intermodal São Paulo, which was scheduled to be held from today, 17 to 19 March, has been cancelled at short notice and been put off to probably the second half of July.


According to the latest Agility Emerging Market Logistics Index, Brazil is the country with the fourth-largest growth potential in the world after India, China and Vietnam. The mega-city São Paulo is said to have what it takes to become the third most important logistics hub after Shanghai and New Delhi.


In terms of airfreight volumes, USA–Brazil connections grew by 2.3% to 47,529 t in 2019, thus reaching fourteenth place of all links between emerging and established markets. In exports, Brazil–Europe came twelfth, posting a 7.8% increase to 97,303 t.


You will find more insights into the Latin American logistics market in the supplement to ITJ 09-10/2020, which is available not only in English, French and German but in Spanish and Portuguese as well. (ah)


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