• Moez Talbi, Delta Express Line’s PDG.

01.04.2020 By: Jutta Iten

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Fast and secure for customers

The Radès-based Tunisian freight forwarder Delta Express Line operates a large fleet of lorries and trailers, which it deploys to meet all of its clients’ multifaceted requirements for reliable and rapid transport services.

The dynamic freight forwarding enterprise Delta Express Line, which was established in 2007, retains its strong focus on textiles. It simultaneously pays a great deal of attention to other business fields too, of course, including automobiles, for example. Personal services for clients are particularly important to the company’s executive management team, which means that they strongly heed customers’ very individual requirements when carrying out orders.

This has naturally had a strong impact on the financial results it has reported of late. Président-directeur général (PDG) Moez Talbi was proud to tell ITJ editor Jutta Iten recently that “our more than 50 employees generate sales worth approximately EUR 9 million annually, a figure that rose again recently in comparison with previous years.”

Fast and secure deliveries are a need most customers express when placing an order with Delta Express Lines. The textiles reach Tunisia as raw materials, primarily from Egypt, but also from Turkey as well as other countries. The cloth is then processed in the country and subsequently dispatched to Europe and the USA. “This is where we come into the picture again,” Talbi explains. “Delta Express Lines has more than 50 agents and partners working on ensuring smooth transport operations. We’ve only just launched a new service linking Tunis to Europe. On top of this we also recently started offering regular lorry departures on a route connecting our Milan depot in Italy to the southern French port of Marseille.” The goods transported for clients operating in the automobile sector are frequently special products.


A new logistics compound
Another project that the company launched recently epito­mises its ongoing business expansion. It established an innovative new logistics compound covering no less than 5,000 m² and fitted it out with all the latest equipment such a centre needs. “We’re satisfied with the economic prospects in Tunisia,” Talbi declares. “The country produces many goods in the textile as well as automobile sectors that aren’t produced in cheap work processes; they nevertheless find their sales outlets. Many a European and US buyer is parti­cularly pleased to be able to get his hands on such goods.”
A free-trade agreement that Tunisia signed with the Euro­pean Union recently also provides a good base and support for trade activities between the two partners, offering advantageous opportunities for companies to sign new deals, Talbi closes optimistically.   


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