• A maiden call of the third kind.


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First 15,000 teu vessel in Colombia's port Aguadulce

The Sociedad Puerto Industrial de Aguadulce (SPIA) in Colombia set a new operational milestone at the port of Buenaventura after servicing the 14,436 teu vessel “MSC Faith”, the hitherto largest ship to dock in Colombia.


With a length of overall of 366 m, the “MSC Faith” made its maiden call in South America at Puerto Aguadulce as part of Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) weekly service between Asia and Latin America’s west coast. With privileged access to the “Golden Triangle” of the Colombian economy – comprised of the cities of Bogota, Medellin, and Cali – SPIA is designed to handle the largest vessels plying Latin America.


The container and bulk handling facility jointly developed by International Container Terminal Services and PSA International of Singapore, can handle mega boxships with capacities of up to 18,000 teu. “MSC Faith’s” maiden call likewise coincided in time for SPIA’s third anniversary. (fd)




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