• Photo: Voltaero


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First electric-hybrid flight with 100% SAF

In an aviation industry first, Volt Aero has flown the proprietary electric-hybrid powertrain for its Cassio family of aircraft with 100% sustainable fuel provided by Total Energies.


Conducted from Volt Aero’s development facility at Royan, France, the flight utilised the hybrid powertrain’s electric mode and its internal combustion engine – which was fuelled by Total Energies’ Excellium Racing 100, made from bioethanol.


With Cassio’s fuselage cross-section, a standard pallet can be loaded in the main cabin area behind the pilot, thus providing an efficient cargo delivery solution directly to regional/local airports, with very low noise levels.


This demonstration was performed with Volt Aero’s Cassio S testbed airplane, operated by the company to validate its electric-hybrid powertrain and the application of sustainable fuels, thereby de-risking airworthiness certification for upcoming production versions of the Cassio aircraft family. (cj)




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